Friday, December 22, 2006

Nursery and Memories Recorded

Ever since we got pregnant, we have been coveting a digital videocamera. My friend Kristen told us that of the baby things she did not have after her daughter was born, that was the one she most regretted not buying. We have been putting it off because the one we wanted--good brand that burns directly onto DVDs--was a bit pricey. Last night we had a Chanukah miracle! My parents bought us one. Yay. We spent much of the evening recording the dog, then the cat. We recorded me on the computer and us fighting about how to delete movies once they are burned. It was a joyous night in the B-W household.

Meanwhile, my attentions have turned to the nursery. In Nov, when E and I went to a spa, my sweet husband stayed home, painted the nursery and assembled the crib:

It looked great and I was very content. Until now. Now I am starting to panic a bit, as in: we have one month left, nothing on the walls, only one piece of bedding, no changing table and no rug. It just occured to me that I may be nesting! Halleilujah! I was waiting for that to happen. Of course, recognizing the source does not relieve the panic and with R away two weekends in Jan. and us in Maine this weekend, we are getting close to deadline. The "theme", if you can call it that, is first baby of the new generation (No stealing my idea here, people). We are scanning and reprinting the baby photos of all of our close relatives. We will put them in bejeweled frames and hang them all over the room. The bedding:

So far we only have the quilt, but the bumper and the sheets are imminent, as are the curtains (with little lilacs--my wedding flower--on them). We are deciding between two rugs:


Thoughts? Advice? Calming words? Please tell me we still have time. The panic is rising.

****In other news: Please join me in a contest this weekend to see how many times you can use the word:

flibbertigibbet \FLIB-ur-tee-jib-it\, noun:
A silly, flighty, or scatterbrained person, especially a pert young woman with such qualities.

Good luck!!


Liz's Blog said...

Calming words - I'm working on those and hopefully will have some for you soon :-).

In the meantime, my vote is for the first rug - I think it would coordinate best with the quilt, bumper and wall color.

Mackenzie said...

I agree with Liz. My vote is totally on the first rug, and ps -- look on eBay and type in Pottery Barn rug -- oh, the savings! :)

Kristi said...

Awww... what a great gift. we bought a similar video camera just before Isabella was born-it burns to DVDs too-and I have to say, I'm so glad we got it.

And you do have plenty of time left. Once you get started, it will all come together quickly. And I love your theme too. So original.