Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bah Humbug

I suspect I may be channeling old Ebenezer this year. I give you the following evidence:

1.) I have purchased exactly two gifts: one for my parents and one for my sister. Now, this is nothng new. I am not one who gets excited about exchanging gifts with my friends. In fact, I have always found it a bit tedious when friends insist on exchanging little things. Luckily, R is the same so we do not exchange gifts. Doesn't the magic sort of end when you are sharing a bank account anyway?
1a.) I also broke my parent's one of a kind gift immediately after returning home. This had me on the floor in tears. Luckily, rather than yelling at me, the hubs was mighty supportive. But maybe seeing a pregger in tears on the floor was more upsetting than dwelling on the money she wasted. I went back to the store and got a new one. But it is not the same. I am still sad.

2.) I am not sending card this year. Screw it. Seriously. I cannot sit down and write 50 cards with the same lame message. Sorry to all the people I love. I really hope you DO have a merry whatever you celebrate, but you will have to take my blog word for it.

3.) Decorating? What's that? I forced myself to actually display the Xmas cards that have come in, mostly because we had a guest last weekend.

4.) I am going to my parent's lake house, but not for Xmas itself. Instead, R and I will spend Monday curled on our couch, ordering chinese and possibly seeing Black Christmas. It's Jewmas!! Yay.

5.) I have not lit a single candle on the Menorah. In fact, until this evening, there was nary a latke in sight. Luckily I plan to make up for that with a good old gorge session on them at my parents. I may even participate in the prayer.

6.) Christmas music hurts my ears, like makes them BLEED. If I hear "All I want for Christmas" or "Chestnuts Roasting" one more time, I will lose it. I want to buy my groceries without a side of schmaltz-y crap. Its not like it makes anyone nicer. In fact, my local international market was just as scary only instead of muzak as the soundtrack to their shouting, shoving and stealing, it was set to "Silver Bells." Feliz Navidad, indeed.

7.) I am going to be in the office the day after Xmas. How depressing is that?

8.) I AM HAVING A BABY!!! This is far more exciting and the holidays seem like one final hurdle I just want to cross before I get the best, most exciting present of all. Bring it on.

Next year I will somehow manage to find some holiday cheer for my little girl. Until then, I will feel free to complain. Merry Festivus to all and to all a good night.

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Liz's Blog said...

No worries - I'm starting to feel the same way and I'm not pregnant! Hey, are you off on Tuesday? I'm taking the day off and plan to spend most of it packing. If you're around and up to it, maybe you'd like to stop by and catch up? I could use some company. Packing is so cumbersome.
Let me know!