Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday Blues

I had an amazing weekend. The perfect mix of productive (cleaning, laundry and groceries) with fun (seeing my closest friend who was in town for my shower) and powerfully moving (my shower). I will definitely include a full shower recap when I get the photos from E. It will be a lot better if I have photos to go with it. In the meantime, I have a couple other photos to stall for time:

Behold the beginning of the peppermint pie I baked for my office Xmas Party (Thanks to Kristi at Interrupted Wanderlust). These are the peppermints melting on the stove:

Here is Rocky looking so incredibly cute R said he was worried the dog might break the space time continuum:

Here are R and Rocky trying out the Baby Bjorn after the shower:

My husband has just informed that he will be "building a small wall" in our bedroom. Yes. Ok. A small wall. We'll see about that.


Liz's Blog said...

You have to explain. Why is R building a small wall in your bedroom?

My Wombinations said...

Something to do with a closet he is planning to build. But I asked him (who has never built a wall or anything similar) HOW he plans to do this and he said:

"Wood, dry wall, etc. I think I can do it. Let’s talk about it more tonight."

Methinks he may be in over his head....

Liz's Blog said...

Me thinks he might be too. He should talk to Craig, he's been doing major renovations for a year, knows what he's doing and it still isn't easy. Good luck!

Kristi said...

Yay! You made the peppermint pie! How did it go over at your office? And your dog in the Bjorn is freaking hysterical.

My Wombinations said...

EVERYONE loved the peppermint pie. The verdict was that it was a very "girly" dessert because it was pink and whipped and "light." Ha. It was so easy to make!