Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ode to Snoogle

Before I got pregnant, I loved sharing my bed with my husband. We did not always cuddle--I like my personal space--but it was comforting to know that both he and the dog were in our cozy full sized bed. Fast forward 8 months (and about 40 pounds) and all I want is a bed to share with Snoogle alone.

Snoogle came into my life in the fourth month when I started having back problems. A curved white pillow that curls around my back, coming up between my legs, he ismore than just a pregnancy pillow. He is a G-d send. He has meant so much to me, curled around my back or propped against my stomach. He keeps me on my side and makes sure I have more sleep than most women who are 8.5 month pregnant. Snoogle loves me. This I know.

Rocky loves Snoogle. He has found a way to curl into Snoogle, appreciating it for the firm support it provides almost as much as I do. R's feelings are different. Snoogle has tried to make concessions to R. Sometimes he lets him sleep against the side. But I like to put my arms under Snoogle when I am on my left side and I do not need 200 pounds of husband on my arms. Apparently he once put his head on snoogle and I placed both my hands on his head, shoved it from Snoogle and said something in my sleep-heavy voice that sounded like: "get your own pillow." I do not remember this but I can hardly imagine someone as sweet and unselfish as myself saying that even in my sleep.

My husband is a large man--6'2.5" to be exact. He needs space. Our full bed was pushing past cozy into "can we please get a queen" before I got pregnant. Now that we are sleeping four in the bed, poor R is hanging half off. How do we solve this problem? How can I accomodate all the men in my life?

It's is not that I want him to leave our bed, it's just that Snoogle and Rocky and I need a lot of space. We need to spread out and be able to sleep in peace. R disturbs that by demanding more than 6 inches. If he could just prop himself up on his left side and use no pillows or blankets, we would be fine. Why would he be so demanding? I am pregnant with his child after all. I have put on close to 40 pounds, much of it in my neck and arms! Don't I deserve my rest the way I want it?

R has made an uneasy peace with Snoogle, but I still think his favorite time is the early morning when it is still dark. I usually get up an hour or more before him. Occassionally I go back in the bedroom to get something. And there he is. Snuggling the Snoogle from behind. See, it's not just me. That loveable Snoogle is hard to resist. He can pretend to hate it, even play hard to get. But when push comes to shove, all R really wants is a Snoogle of his own.

To this, I say: tough. Snoogle is for preggers. Get your own damn pillow.

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