Thursday, December 7, 2006

A Few Things on My Mind

1.) Every time I think about the birth and how excited I am, I wonder how much I will cry and whether I will be embarrassed to share this incredibly intimate moment between me and R and our baby with the nurse and the midwife. Since I have trouble keeping the tears in just at the thought of seeing my child's face, I know I will be a blubbering fool at the end of this (Full disclosure: I expected NOT to cry at my wedding and started bawling at "in sickness and in health") What can I say? I am a sap.

2.) It is amazing how women I see everyday are growing more beautiful to me as I have grown into feeling less and less attractive. Not sure if it is just jealousy or my maidenhood waning, but it is strange how that works. I guess Robert Herrick was right: gather ye rosebuds and all that....

3.) I am not sure it is possible for me to get any larger (and I am only 31.5 weeks). Tell me: where will the rest go? Everyday, I just pray the stretch marks stay away. All I want for the holidays is a healthy baby and no stretch marks...oh and world peace, too.

4.) I am wondering if it is ok to not send holiday cards this year and am also wondering if people would be offended if I photoshopped a santa hat onto my ultrasound print and wrote "Happy Chanukah" across the bottom (this is a far less offensive idea than my yarmulke and tallis-clad chihuahua under a "feliz navidad" banner). Why do regular holiday cards bore me so?

5.) I have an insane sweet craving. In some ways, it matters not what the "sweet" is so long as it lives up to its name. This makes the baby kick, which makes mommy happy. I will never grow tired of watching my stomach ripple. It is hands down the coolest part of pregnancy and the thing that makes it all worth it.

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Kristi said...

1. You will cry, and in that moment, you won't care who sees you. It's truly incredible.

2. As a pregnant woman, I believe you're at your most beautiful. More beautiful than Julia Roberts on her best day. That "pregnant woman glow" thing? Is totally true.

3. If you haven't gotten them by now, you probably won't. And in the last trimester, weight gain slows down. It did for me anyway. BUT, keep in mind it's the holiday season. Let yourself enjoy all the yummy food guilt-free and worry about it later. Trust me, you'll lose it.

4. Totally okay not to send cards, although that photoshop santa hat idea is hysterical.

5. You're so right. It's the best feeling in the world. I miss it!