Wednesday, December 6, 2006

All My Babies

Since I feel that my page is becoming devoid of color, I have decided to add some photos. Here are all four of my babies:

This is little S at 12 weeks. Doesn't she look like she is lounging??

This is R's surprise 30th with our dog. He went as a "Rock Star" for Halloween, a costume befitting a dog named Rocky who also happens to be a Rock Star, esp. when he howls along to the fire trucks.

And finally we have Melvin, the cat to squash all cats. He ate too many transfats, clearly. No, in all seriousness, my poor cat has a viscious eating disorder. We have tried diet after diet, but he finds ways to eat, destroying all paper towels/dogs that get in the way of his meal. Now we just call him big boned.


Kristi said...

Great pics! Now, we need one of you? Is there one on your blog that I'm missing? I, too, have a "rubenesque" kitty. Her name is, appropriately, Chubbie.

My Wombinations said...

I am in a few shots:) (the thanksgiving ones with gloves on and also holding up the dollar in the caption contest photo from Dec. 1) Isn't is sad to have a fat cat? The vet is so mean to us, but we have tried everything!!

Kristi said...

Oh God. I am truly a moron. Wait, that's you, the pregnant one, in all these pictures? ;) I am approximately 78% dumber than I was before Isabella was born.