Monday, November 20, 2006

Drinking the Glucose

I had my 29-week glucose tolerance test today. They made me drink a Fanta-like orange drink in five minutes and then get my blood tested an hour later. The drink left me feeling nauseous and light headed, so this qualifies as my least favorite prenatal test so far--blood AND nauseating sugar drink. Sign me up again. Now I just hope I pass! Things are going well in the pregnancy, though. The heartbeat sounded strong and the baby has now turned head down, which was a relief. I have now officially put on 33 pounds. Although I know it is normal and all part of the process, watching those numbers climb is excruciating. It is a struggle every time I climb on that scale (although my midwife has a private scale in the bathroom where I weigh myself, which is far preferable to the one in my doctor's office where the nurses would shout the number). Even though my midwife (and my old doctor) have been very encouraging, saying I started the pregnancy underweight, 33 pounds in 29 weeks is fine, etc. I can't help thinking that I am failing by not slowing down the weight gain. I work out everyday, I walk, I take the stairs and yoga. My downfall is food. I am hungry all of the time. Although I try to eat well, I am not always careful. I have been known to partake in too many halloween treats and I certainly know tha eating a quart of ice cream is not the best weight loss strategy. I can't even claim to believe the "eating for two" myth. Somehow it is just easier to indulge when I know my body will grow no matter what I do. A bit of the "why bothers" is perhaps to blame... Still, I know I will pay the piper. Just 12 weeks from now I will no longer have a belly hard with baby and will somehow find the strength to love a body far doughier than the one I had last May. Right now I have an excuse, so even though I am not thrilled, I also know I am filling my baby with all the nutrients she needs to grow. But soon it will just be me again. Well, me plus 40 pounds or so. With these concerns in mind, I am going to return the stroller we registered for once we get it (the Phil and Ted's E3). Even though it looks like a great stroller, it will not take the kind of runs I a plan to do after the baby is here. Instead, I am going to get the BOB Revolution. If anyone thinks this is a really bad plan, please let me know now! Otherwise, I plan to be back to my daily five miles within weeks after giving birth (sans baby, of course, since she cannot run with me until she is six months).

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Kristi said...

Hmm... I'm not familiar with the strollers, but don't worry about the weight gain. Funny coincidence: I was also running 5 miles a day before starting my IVF cycle last November. And after having Isabella, my pregnancy weight literally just melted off. I didn't even have to exercise much (and I couldn't for 6 weeks anyway, because I had a c-section). It was the weight I put on while I was taking the IVF drugs (about 10 pounds or so) that was the toughest to lose. Anyway, good luck with returning to running. I was so happy to start again (although I don't have time for 5 mile runs anymore. I do 3 mile ones instead). And thanks for visiting my blog today! I love the title of yours, and I'll definitely be back. Congrats on your little girl too!