Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

I am not typically a birthday person. I am not a huge fan of getting older and am generally disappointed in whatever the days brings. But I have to say, the last three birthdays (since turning 30) have become progressively better. But this weekend really takes the (cup) cake.

Saturday started kind of rainy and gray, but we had Sam's pre-school open house to see the new digs. It was great and we were very pleased, especially Sam who emerged wearing a painting of a butterfly on her face and feeling very excited about the school year to come.

After a short run for me (five miles) and a nap for the kids, we headed out to Revere Beach for the sandcastle competition. The beach is seven miles from our house, maybe a 30-minute bike ride, a distance I could easily run and yet we had never been to this particular one mostly because as an urban beach accessible by subway, its reputation has always been less than stellar. I was surprised to find it was actually pretty nice and was reminded why we pay so much to live in a city that offers the ocean, mountains and interesting city all in such close proximity.

We had a blast (especially Sam).

The next morning (b-day day) I woke up to a gift from the cat (a dead mouse) and a sunshine strewn 70 degrees (and climbing). So sweet. Since the kids get us up so early, we managed to make our way over to a new brunch place with a beautiful outdoor patio under hundreds of grape vines. And because it was so early, we got to enjoy our pumpkin pancakes, eggs, coffee, bacon, waffles and such in relative privacy. Then we headed over to a new (to us) park, since we were on the other side of the city. Not only did we have the whole place to ourselves, we also got to use the giant flower sprinklers that spray the equipment without worrying about soaking other kids.

At home for Ani's nap, R and Sam went to the park closest to our house while I watched Little Children. When Ani woke up, we headed out to meet them and fly our new kite. Then it was naptime so we went home, the kids went down and the doorbell rang.


To say these were "good" is not to do them justice. They were divine. I ate about 10 and then strapped on my new Garmin 305 (one of my birthday gifts from Rob) and ran a full 10 miles.

Soon after, we all went out to dinner where we met my parents, sister and a couple good friends. Total loot included a substantial Lulu Lemon GC, a book, jewelry and my training watch. But really, that was secondary to such a fabulous day full of good food, a city I love, spectacular weather and the people I care most about.

If all days go like this, 32 is going to be the best year ever.


Editorgirl said...

So glad you had a great birthday! And i'm really happy to hear your review on Kick Ass Cupcakes! My mom has been talking about them forever and I didn't know they could be delivered. I'm on it now - she's going to be thrilled. Hope you're enjoying your day after your birthday day! XOXO

Kristi said...

I'm glad you had such a great birthday, and those cupcakes sound amazing.