Monday, March 30, 2009

The Pox

Check out my pox article. Please discuss. My own feelings changed significantly after writing this and I am questioning whether to get the vaccine for Alan or not.


JM said...

I'll discuss! :) I really enjoyed the article and though it was really well written. I admit, however, I did think (from the tone of the piece) that you lean towards parties, not the vaccine, so I was surprised to read that you had Sam vaccinated. I thought you were celebrating the continuation of pox parties. Also, though you do mention the dangers of chicken pox for adults, the coverage of those risks was lighter than I was hoping for. You don't mention shingles, and I'm not sure you quite cover arguments FOR the vaccine if you were shooting for a neutral article(or, perhaps your arguments FOR were muffled by the overall sense that, since WE all survived chicken pox, why try to avoid it in our own children?).

We don't intend to vaccinate Max if we can help it (thus we'll be keeping our ears open for pox parties in another year or so), because we think it's silly to vaccinate against something that's usually really innocuous. But our doc has pointed out that if he were to contract the disease as an adult, it could be much more severe. I was hoping your article might touch on the dangers of NOT vaccinating (and not contracting the disease) a little more (rather than make me feel smug about our decision). ;)

'Tis an excellent and timely topic, and no one really discusses pox parties these days, so I'm glad you did and put it out there to get people talking about it!

Andromeda said...

Not a subject on which I have strong opinions, I'm afraid. I've never had chicken pox, so I don't know how big a deal it is. I did get the vaccine in college (in the spirit of shutting the barn door after the horse had left, when a friend of mine got chicken pox) -- I don't really want to get adult chicken pox, as it sounds so nasty. That was more than ten years ago, though; no idea if I'm still protected by it.

We did get V the vaccine, because we like preventing preventable diseases. Chicken pox isn't that bad for most kids, but it is for some -- seems like there's more likelihood of down sides to the disease than to the vaccine, even though both are rare. And even being mildly sick for a week kinda sucks. So why not?