Monday, March 2, 2009

Ani at Seven Months

Bear-Bear is now seven months old and for the first time, I am starting to feel like he has really been around a while. That said, I am still treating him like a newborn.

I still swaddle him, nurse him 8 times a day, respond to his cries immediately and hold him all the time. It is very hard to convince myself that my tiny baby really is old enough to get a little bit of independence.

He is generally a pretty lovable guy, very sweet and cuddly.

He smiles a lot and is pretty happy with a few toys and some attention. This month he finally started on solid foods, which has helped him sleep a little better. Now he goes down around 7:30 and sleeps until 3:30 on a good night. He nurses and then goes back down until 6:30.

His daytime sleep schedule is also pretty regulated. He naps from 8:30-10 and then again from 1-4. Sam also naps from 1-4, so most days I get a good chunk of break, which I always desperately need. At his last check-up (on the 25th) he weighed 17.4 and was 28 inches long. His percentiles have dropped a bit, but he is still a relatively big boy for a breastfed baby.

This month he started sleeping in the crib (and Sam got a big girl bed!!). The crib is in our room, which still presents some sleep issues (namely, we wake him when we come to bed), but until he is sleeping through the night and we have figured out the housing situation, he will stay in our room.

He is rolling both ways (when he feels like it), sitting and transferring things hand to hand. He is NOT even close to crawling as he loathes tummy time with the firey heat of 1,000 suns. I am so happy that he is my second child because I am way more chill than I was the first time regarding milestones. He'll get there when he gets there and I have no interest in competing with other moms, which is fabulously liberating.

Some firsts this month: first time in the pool (a little trepidatious). First time on the swings (not into it). First solid foods (took some time, but now loving it). First bath in the big bath (loved the toys).

This is the first month that I have truly seen the joy in having two children. I got our double jogger (the BOB Ironman Duallie) and am in love with it. Because of my broken foot, I have not run with it yet, but the ride is so smooth and easy to push. We also added the double seat to our Phil and Ted's.

The kids have been playing together more and bathing together, which is such a cavalcade of cuteness, I fear the world might implode on itself.

For the past couple weeks, I have affected an extremely smug attitude in regards to the spacing of our children. For the first 6 months, I thought we were nuts, but now I love it. Our kids are true companions. They are a unit, almost like twins and it is going to be that much sooner that they will be playmates and we can do all kinds of fun things as a family of four. It was an incredibly trying first half of the year, but this second half is already making up for it.

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