Monday, December 15, 2008

Down with the Sickness

Poor little Sammy is really, really sick. Yesterday after our race, she spiked a fever of 104. We have been giving her fluids and rest, but it seems the fever is here to stay.

In all likelihood, she has Roseola, which is not serious, but we took her to the doctor anyway just to confirm my rapid googling last night.

But that is not the weird part.

That part came on the walk home when a man who was clearly homeless or something close to that came running over to Sam exclaiming how beautiful she was.

Then he handed her a $20 bill. Really. I am not lying.

"No," I said, firmly refusing to allow my 22-month-old to take a $20 from the nice homeless man.

"She's a princess. She is too beautiful not to take it," he assured me.

Sam dropped the bill. I picked it up, handed it back to the man and explained, "we really can't take this."

"It is not for you, it is for her," he said, handing it back to my confused toddler.

Both R and I were totally freaked out, but did not feel like arguing anymore. So, my kid is $20 richer and now thinks that homeless men give YOU money. Especially if you are beautiful.

And I here I was trying to give my child an accurate view of our world. Silly me. You can't make crap like this up, can you?

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Emilie said...

You should donate the $$ to a food pantry or a homeless shelter. Just my two cents. :)