Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sam at 21 Months***

In three short months, my baby will turn 2. How. Did. This. Happen?

Last night I burst into tears while watching Supernanny deal with an independent 16-year-old. Bad taste in television aside, the idea that my little sweet girl will someday (G-d willing) become an ornery teenager was enough to bring on the emotion.

She is so adorable and loving right now, I can't stand it. She loves to give kisses and hugs. Before she goes to bed at night, she kisses me, then Alan, then the cat, then the dog. After each dramatic kiss she says, "HUG" and then lays her head on the person or animal. It is so sweet.

This month, more than ever before, I see the little girl emerging from the baby. Her hair is long, she walks and runs perfectly. She is speaking in full sentences (mostly, "I want _____" followed by whatever it is she wants). She attempts to say basically everything, though she still does not say her own name, which is a bit odd.

She has some serious obsessions. The moon is a big one. She wants to go out every night and see it. We have four books about the moon and she can't get enough of them. This month I got a Halloween-themed pedicure with orange toes and silver moon stickers. It has excited her to no end. She forces me to take off my socks and screams "Moon! Moon!"

She also loves to go "Outside! Outside!" We take her and she can't get enough of the park, long walks, leaves and rocks. We walk for miles and she picks up little souvenirs as we go. She loves to sing and knows the tune of the alphabet, though not the words so she makes up her own words to the tune. Usually, "Mommy, Daddy, Zaydee, Oma, Rocky, Maggie...." You get it, right? Pretty adorable.

This month she has become increasingly interested in letters and the sounds they make. She now can recognize every letter in the alphabet and spell a few words, including Moon, something I was shocked to learn when she pointed it out to me the other night and then said, "M-O-O-N." I almost fell down.

Her grandmother (Oma) taught her how to scream "Obama!" and raise her arms above her head so now when his name comes up, she responds like that. Too cute. Just another week or so. I am feeling tentatively hopeful, but knocking on wood.

She still loves her Ishy (blanket/lovey) and her "baba" and is still a pretty picky eater. She eschews sweets for fruit and never really wants cookies or ice cream (whose kid IS this?), so she remains tiny and skinny. She loves shoes and sitting in the driver's seat of the car (literally and figuratively).

She also loves her Daddy way more than her Mommy all.the.time. Everyone claims their daughter is a daddy's girl, but Sam really, REALLY is. She always prefers him. Always. If she is hurt, she wants him to kiss the boo-boo. If she wants a book, she wants him to read it. She won't even let me get her out of bed in the morning and screams for Daddy if I even try. My kid is really just not that into me. I am half hurt by it and half happy since it gives me some independence. (Unfortunately, Alan is the opposite and goes apoplectic if anyone besides me tries to hold/feed him at certain times)

Sam hates getting her hair done or brushed (as a result, it is always pretty messy) even though I did manage to get her hair into pigtails for the first time this month. She looked like such a big girl. And she really is.

***Some news: I am going to be the new Pregnancy Magazine Mommy blogger. The site will go live in a few weeks. I am really excited about the opportunity and will continue to post her, but will do so less. I will share all details when I have them. Stay tuned.

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