Sunday, October 5, 2008

Big Baby Small Baby

Yesterday we went to the Topsfield Fair (I will post photos tomorrow). While there, I went into the nursing mother's lounge and met four other women with babies Alan's age. They all exclaimed over his alertness, his head control, but most of all, his size (13 pounds and counting).

"He's huge," one mother told me, her own son--a week older than Anni--nursing and trying to put some extra weight on his 11 pound frame.

I felt like a superstar. As the mother of a teeny tiny baby girl, I know what it feels like to have a slow gainer. The doctors, others mothers and strangers in the street make you feel like you are underfeeding your baby. You get asked if you are considering supplementation and when you say no, you are subject to sad, pitying shakes of the head. It is no fun to have a skinny minny kid.

But having a Sumo wrester has it's drawbacks, too. Chief among them, he never gets to wear any of his cute clothing. He is now fitting comfortably into the 6 month clothing. All of his three month and under stuff is bulging at the seams and should probably be retired ASAP. There are so many things he has never been able to wear thanks to his girth.

Sam, on the other hand, was in three month clothing until she was 6 months. We rarely had to buy new onesies or other staples because they have fit her for months. Even now (esp. in Hanna Anderson--I heart their sizing) she can wear anything from 12 months plus. It is great for some of her pricier designer clothing. I appreciate that she will fit her Bonpoint dresses next summer, too.

Additionally, Anni's jumbo size makes it very hard for me to carry him, even in the Bjorn. He skipped right over the sling even though I have two. I am fine for now with the Bjorn, but in a couple weeks I probably will not be. And forget not having the Bjorn. Yesterday at the fair, we forgot it and were in a world of hurt until we put him in the jogger (tentatively as it does not recline).

Sam could still go in the Bjorn even today. And at 20 months, she is still light enough to fit in the baby swing, the bouncy seat and the myriad other infant items we have that she remains oh-so-curious about. As a tiny girl, she can explore more.

We are taking bets as to when Annie will overtake his sister. My guess? Soon. Perhaps around 8 months, they will weigh the same amount. And while this is great for their equality (as in, he will be able to hit her back), I will laugh when people ask me if the two are twins. And in the end, it is my back that will suffer the most.

Alan and Sammy, same age, same chair:

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Kristi said...

Wow-that's quite the visual. I've been told over and over that boys tend to be bigger than girls. I have many friends whose little boys were way bigger than Isabella was at the same age. And it's proving true in-utero too, as my boy is bigger than my girl.

I really wonder why that is?