Friday, September 19, 2008

Weighty Matters

I am seven weeks postpartum tomorrow. This morning I stepped on the scale to find I had magically lost three pounds since the last time I weighed myself (Mon, I think). I now have 15 pounds left to lose.

For those keeping track, I gained 50. I have 15 left to lose. Therefore, I have lost 35 pounds. Wow.

Ok, so truth be told, I lost roughly 20 of it in the hospital, but still, I am happy, although I would be much happier had I only gained 35 pounds to begin with.

My usual MO with weight loss is to follow an slightly modified South Beach diet plan, but since nursing has been going so well this time, I want to be sure to keep my diet very balanced. Turns out, with two kids eating is not much of a priority anyway. I eat a huge breakfast (two eggs, light cheese, 1/2 cup flax cereal, 1/4 cup blueberries and 1 cup skim milk) and then I find my other meals are naturally lighter. As I get closer to the goal weight, I will cut the breakfast down to cut calories and also cut out the skinny cow ice cream cone (YUM!) I have every night.

For exercise I am running four days a week, alternating between 3 and 4 mile runs. This week I am down to eight minute miles and I did 14. Next week I will do 15. In Oct, my friend and I will be running a 5k and I hope to be at 7:30 miles by then. I also spend two days at the gym on cardio and light ab work. My six-week check-up is still not until next week, so I am trying to hold off on heavy ab work until then.

So, that's it. My post-baby diet and exercise plan. My hope is to be back in my size fours by election day (so I can celebrate Obama with flat abs-ha!) but we we'll see. Either way, I am hoping I am well on my way to wearing my bikini on the beach in Feb. And those stretch marks every mom laments? Mine are almost all gone. So, there is hope!

Ok, I am off to lose more. But I am very encouraged.


Jim said...

You said:
"My hope is to be back in my size fours by election day (so I can celebrate Obama with flat abs-ha!) but we'll see."

I won't have flat abs by election day, but I sure hope Obama wins. (At least he has flat abs. Does that count?)

Lis Garrett said...

I haven't been on the treadmill or done yoga at all this week, thanks to a severe head cold, and I can definitely feel it. I won't have a bikini body by February, but I certainly hope to have one by summer. I refuse to let my body go to pot just because I have three kids!

I am totally impressed by how well you're doing! Keep up the good work!!

Kristi said...

Congrats! But stretch marks disappear? I've managed to avoid them thus far, but I doubt I'll be able to escape this pregnancy unscathed, and I always thought they were around for good.