Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You Be The Judge

My sister (and several other people as well) are convinced that Sam-Sam has a future in Shiloh Jolie-Pitt impersonation.

You be the judge:

Now if only I looked more like her mother... Sigh.

In other news, my baby boy has now christened me three times. His range for shooting pee is really quite impressive.

I think a pee pee tee pee might be in our future.


Editorgirl said...

So funny, I saw that note from your sister and just the other day I was in CVS with Jenn and said the same thing when I saw it. It's uncanny!

beagle said...

pretty close match!

Kristi said...

They do look similar! But I think Sam is cuter.

Brigid said...

Tip from been there and done that. Don't spend the money on the tee pee - keep a stock of baby washcloths on hand and as soon as that diaper is off COVER. :) I'm reliving my husband getting his head peed on while putting a diaper in the genie. :)