Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Embarrassing Baby Tales

Yesterday I took two children to the Science Museum all afternoon. Alan was strapped in the Bjorn and Sam was a wandering maniac.

She loved it.

By the end, her exhausted mama just wanted to pay the parking and go. As I stood at the Kiosk, juggling the diaper bag, Alan and my wallet, Sam grabbed at the diaper bag and I let it fall to the floor. Then, in front of a massive line of tourists, Sam proceeded to loudly announce, "Mommy--poo-poo. Mommy--poo-poo." Then she pulled out a diaper and the bag of wipes, laid down on the ground, put her feet up in the air and her hand on her butt.

"POO POO MOMMY," she screamed.


Yeah. I guess that was the first of a long line of embarrassing moments yet to come.


Lis Garrett said...


Just wait until you're standing in line behind an overweight woman and she yells for all to hear, "Why does that lady have such a big butt?!"

Sometimes I think we were meant to have kids just to teach us a little humility. But it's often a hard lesson to learn!

Brigid said...

Or how about my daughter in the restroom of a restaurant on a Friday night announcing that she is a girl and she has a vagina, her brother is a boy and he has a penis. Nothing like hearing uncontrolable chuckling from neighboring stalls.

Stephanie said...

That's a good one to keep in the arsenal...you know, for when her prom date comes to pick her up. If you want to go there, that is. :)

Kristi said...

That's awesome.

Isabella has announced on the playground, "Change my stinky diaper!"

Alrighty, then. Her days in diapers are numbered.