Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Wednesday

Well, it's a tie. And while the candidate I support did not win Cali, he did win a majority of the delegates (depending on the article). Either way, the bottom line is that the primaries will continue to matter, which has never happened in my lifetime.

In fact, according to my dad, the last primary season like this was Ford v. Reagan in 1976--more than a year before I was born. So, either way, this is history in the making.

I am mixed. I do not hate Hillary the way that so many people close to me do. In fact, the idea of having a female president kind of rocks. I would love for my daughter to grow up seeing a woman have that kind of role. On the other hand, there ain't no way she can take McCain. No way, no day. Too much baggage, too much "Clinton." Sadly, I fear a vote for Hillary is a suicide vote.

I find Obama very inspiring and he was my man until a few months ago when he started campaigning with a homophobic preacher. But I am over that. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to be inspired by my leader, to want to hear him speak, hell, of late, just to not want to vomit when his/her face came on the television would be a miracle.

Maybe I have been scared to really support Obama. I was so crushed after the last election, so despondent and so, so angry with the red states. I fear if he gets the nomination and then loses to McCain, I will never be able to care about politics again. But I said that last time and here I am. So maybe I will always care. Maybe I will always believe things can be better.

And maybe, just maybe, he really has a chance.


Beagle said...

As a Canadian living in the US, I am watching this election process with utter fascination!

Stephanie said...

If you really want to be scared...I heard a rumor that a McCain/Huckabee Republican ticket is likely. I'm completely at a loss for what Democratic combination would be able to stand up to the evangelical + moderate Republican vote.

Kristi said...

I like Obama. I really do. But I don't think he can beat McCain because the Republican machine will attack him with the "experience" issue. I can just see the ads now about the one-term Senator from Illinois and the seasoned POW.

PS: I swore I would move to Canada with Alec Baldwin after the 2000 election, and I'm still here too!