Friday, February 29, 2008

18 Week Ultrasound (and Happy Leap Day!)

What an ultrasound can tell you

It can measure the back of the fold on the neck to tell me whether the baby has a risk of Down's Syndrom (no results yet)

It can tell me how many fingers and toes my baby has (10 and 10)

It can tell me he is "very active"

It can tell me that room is getting a little tighter

That he weighs 8 ounces (two more than he is supposed to!)

That he has long legs and is measuring a little bit ahead

That he is, in fact, a boy

What an ultrasound can't say:

How he will sleep through the night

How he will smell

How much hair he will have

The way I will feel when he first arrives

The color of his eyes--will they be blue like Sam's?

The sound of his voice

The texture of his skin

Whether he will have a small birthmark like Sam

Whether he will like music and wiggle his bum like his sister

What his future profession may be

How he and his sister will be together

How when I hold him, I will melt into motherhood for the second time, when it seems completely impossible right now.

I am getting ready to meet this little boy as I enter the second half of my pregnancy. I want to know all this and more. I can't wait.


Kristi said...

I'm so glad everything went well. I love untrasound pictures. It is absolutely amazing to me how early on babies look like little people.

g&c boyarko family said...

Love the pictures!!! How fun it will be for you three to meet him in just a few months!

Beagle said...

Man, he's good looking already!