Monday, December 3, 2007


My little one's crawl is evolving!

Her little tadpole swim is quickly morphing into a real crawl on hands and knees. And while she still seems more comfortable doing the worm, I think it will eventally be phased out. And, of course, this makes me so sad.

Speaking of evolution, let's discuss the Republican lineup, because this year? I think they have truly outdone themselves. Let's see. The current frontrunners are:

A lying multi-millionaire (sound familiar?)
A cheating fascist whose own childre will not speak to him
A reactionary who wants to set our social value clock back about 85 years

If any of these men become President, I will leave the country (of course, I said that last time, too), but Huckabee, in particular, scares me to death. Let's see? He does not believe in evolution. He believes in no gun control. He is anti-abortion, civil unions, gay marriage and just about any cause that might be seen as progressive or championed by the intellectuals in this country. Let's all hail the lowest common denominator because if this man is elected? That is who is going to be running the show.

At least with fiscal conservatives, they are trying to protect assets and are all about money. I get that. I really do. I don't agree. But I at least can respect it. But I do not get social conservatives at all. They scare me more than anything because they stand for some kind of "values" they think ought to represent us all. They have a one size fits all attitude towards religion and ethics that is anterior to every single thing this country (used to) stand(s) for. This kind of small minded thinking is dangerous, frightening and apparently rampant among those in the middle of our country.

Meanwhile, the dems are not looking a whole lot better. Right now, I am going with Edwards, despite the fact that he does not have a shot in hell (although why this is true, I have NO idea). I really like Obama, but the whole aligning himself with homophobic preachers kind of put a bad taste in my mouth. Nevertheless, I will support him wholeheartedly should it come to him vs. RomGiulaBee.

Overall I feel so incredibly disillusioned with the whole thing. Nobody really represents me or my values. For me, it always goes back to gay marriage. And while I am so disgusted that this is even an issue, it IS an issue. And there is not a single candidate who has the guts to be honest. That disgusts me. Screw civil unions and stop pandering to the lowest common denominator. I just want someone to stand up for what is right and true. Can anyone do that? Please?


Stephanie said...

I would love to stand up for what is right and true. However, I don't think that my closet and it's proverbial skeletons would withstand public scrutiny. So sad, because I was such a good kid growing up... I feel the same way about next year's election. I need to find a candidate that excites me.

Mariel said...

I know IT MAKES ME SO MAD that the rednecks seem to run this country its disgusting..thinking about it makes me break out i hate them so much