Sunday, November 25, 2007

Samara at Ten Months

This month has been huge for Sam.

She has taken her little "worm crawl" and turned it into a mode of fast and efficient transport. She pulls herself all over the house now. She especially loves trying to make a break for it out of open doors and sliding the dog's water bowl back and forth until the water sloshes out. It kind of looks like break dancing, which is another of her new skills. The kid LOVES to dance. There are little buttons on her exersaucer that play music and light up and she pushes them and then sways back and forth like she is really feelin' it.

This month she has started to pull up a little bit and, although she can get to her feet, she is more confident on her knees and just these past few days has shown no interest in staying on the floor anymore. Now she seems to want to get vertical as much as possible.

Verbally, she is about the same as last month and enjoys screaming "mama" and "Ba." She also eats with her fingers now and was able to basically feed herself a lot of Thanksgiving dinner. She loves crusty bread, pizza crusts and anything she can suck down.

Some of her separation anxiety seems to have eased a bit and she can now tolerate me leaving the room for more than two seconds. Her hair continues to grow and is now quite long. Her eyes are still super blue and she still has no teeth.

Current likes? ELMO (She caught one glimpse of this red, furry guy and is now totally obsessed. Every time she sees him, she FREAKS OUT like G-d has just passed. It is at once adorable and frightening that this creature has such an effect on children). Turning pages in books faster than mommy can read them. The dog. The cat. Yo Baby brand yogurt. Cheerios. Exersaucer. Feeding the dog 95 percent of her food from the high chair. Farm tractor. Blankie. Bunny.

Current dislikes? Being denied access to anything--the computer, the dog food, cords. Getting dressed in the morning. Not being the center of attention.

Some photos:

Behold blankie and bunny:

Loving the Sox:

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Kristi said...

I'm glad Isabella isn't the only one to reach 10 months with no teeth. Of course, as you know, she's 15 months now and still toothless.

And yes, Elmo is the god of the baby set. His pull on them is ridiculous, and Isabella is under his spell as well, much to my displeasure.

Photos are adorable.