Thursday, November 22, 2007

Muchas Gracias

This year, I have so many things to be thankful for.

I am so grateful for the healthy pregnancy that produced an equally healthy child. I adore her more every second I spend with her. She is a lovely little human who I cannot wait to get to know even better.

Last year at this time we were waiting for her, wanting to meet her and anxious for parenthood. This year she is here, able to eat turkey and converse with us. Every day I am more amazed by her, more in love with her and more grateful for her presence in our lives.

I am also thankful for my husband, for whom my love has grown exponentially this year (despite knocking me up with a bit too much ease...) He is my partner and best friend in every way. Next year we will celebrate five years of marriage (and 7.5 years together) and our first full year as parents. I can scarcely imagine this journey with anyone else and am more grateful for him with each passing day.

I am grateful for my sister, who despite our frequent fights is one of the most dependable people in my life. I am not really sure what I would do without her and this year she even kept a secret for me! So maybe is growing up, after all (sorry, Mar. You know I love you).

I am grateful for my family who continue to love my daughter in the best way they know how. I know that she is on the forefront of their minds and, despite our differences, I am happy to have them in our lives.

I am so grateful for my closest friends. For Auntie K in particular who, despite living a very different life than mine, has managed to always stay interested and know when to call versus email. I was worried about our friendship, but am no longer. She will always be a huge part of my life. At this point, she is like a second sister to me.

I am grateful for the other close friends I have made this year, the new ones and the old, the cousins and aunts who have come to visit and help us with this massive transition in our lives.

I am unbelievably grateful for the freelance well that has continued to build these past few months, for the ability to work at home with my daughter and for my recent essay sales to major markets. I feel so blessed to do work that I am passionate about in a manner that allows maximum family time. I may complain about the difficulties, but overall it is a cushy situation. And I do recognize this everyday.

Mostly, I am thankful for the family R and I have built: our cat, dog, Sam and us. There are some nights when I look around our kitchen and have to blink to remind myself that I am not dreaming. I never thought I would have such a warm, welcoming, cozy space where I was an integral part again in my life. And I thank G-d, Allah, the great spirit every single day. And I knock on wood until my knuckles bleed.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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