Monday, August 27, 2007

Samara at Seven Months

My little baby is getting so big! It is unbelievable how much she is growing. She is now sitting on her own, which is completely adorable and kind of amazing. I just stare at her in amazement half the time. How is it possible that this seated, sturdy baby is the little tiny muffin that could barely move seven months ago?

She grabs at everything. Her particular loves are my glasses in the morning (she tries to pull them off over and over), glasses/bottles of liquid, stuffed animals (Mortimer Moose, Rattle Bunny, Snake and Lulu the Lamb). She also loves blocks and ducks, and of course, Rocky the dog.

She razzes constantly, loves to make little bubbly noises, sometimes she does it while I am holding her and talkign on the phone. The other day I was being interviewed for a freelance gig and she razzed right into the phone. Luckily the guy on the other end had a great sense of humor.

She is starting to express her desires and get angry and scream when something is taken away. She also really dislikes being left. If R or I are playing with her and we get up to leave, she cries desperately until we return. When she wants to be picked up, she reaches her arms into the air and waves them like she just don't care.

She started using a highchair this month instead of her Bumbo and we have been giving her finger food, although she does not seem that enthralled by it. Meanwhile her father and I have fallen in love with the yumminess of baby food. Those teething biscuits are damn good, as are the sweet potato puffs. We are fans.

She continues to be a joyful, happy baby filled with smiles, but the last few days have been somewhat harrowing. Either she is teething, going through a growth spurt or possessed by Dick Cheney. Not sure which. Her strength is quite incredible. She has abs of steel and can lift herself out of upward dog into a very impressive upside down bridge pose. She is quite the yoga baby. I imagine that she will be crawling by month 8 given her penchant for getting up on all fours and "rocking."

I do take issue with the term "rocking," though, as what it really looks like it humping. Yes, our baby humps the floor. Why don't other parents cop to this? I keep getting asked: "Does your baby get up and rock?" It makes me feel bad when I have to explain that no, in fact my baby humps the floor. But then I saw a baby doing it the other day and her mother laughed at her daughter's "rocking." It made me feel much better. And since I hate euphemism, I am going to call a spade a spade. Haha.

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Editorgirl said...

My Lord where does the time go? She's more and more beautiful every day!

Beagle said...


Kristi said...

LOL. The humping! I remember the humping! And while I'm not a fan of the sweet potato puffs, I do enjoy the banana ones.

She's so freakin' cute!