Sunday, July 15, 2007


Now for the "my life as a 20-something" half-time show, I give you the update I know you have all been waiting for...
My progress in the quest to lose the baby weight has been somewhat stalled the past three months. I have been stuck at 8-10 pounds left to lose for about 8 weeks. Frustrating, yes. But somewhat manageable since I do fit into 95% of my clothing now. Does it look good? Not really. But I am happy to be able to wear most of it.

In order to break the stall, I have started dieting again. And I HATE dieting. But it is working. The last week I lost three more pounds. So, depending on the day and time, I have between 5-7 pounds left to lose. I am pleased. I feel good. But I also miss my old body. No matter how much I lose, my tummy is still looser than it was, my arms less toned. I went to the pool the other day with the babe for the first time and I felt less than attractive. I guess it is all part of life in the mother-hood.

I really can't complain. I feel physically fit, am running 12 miles a week again, spinning several times as well and have now added mommy and me aerobics and strollerrobics to the routine. I also started running with Samara in her jogger last week. After recovering from my "oh my g-d, she has shaken baby syndrome" freak out, it was actually a smooth start.

Here is what I have discovered about losing baby weight: diet and exercise. Yep, its the same routine Richard Simmons touts. Everyone complains about how hard it is to lose the baby weight--and it is. But no harder than it is to lose weight any other time (except those last 10 pounds if you choose to breastfeed). Everyone wants a magic bullet. I know I did. But the reality is, I had a 7 pound baby and I put on 48 pounds during the pregnancy. After water weight, etc, I still had 28 pounds to lose and there was no trick to it other than good old diet and ye olde exercise.

I am sure I will have a deeper post sometime soon regarding the pressure on women to look hot again after pregnancy, the term "MILF," and the general lack of understanding for new moms and their bodies. But I am too tired after running and spinning today to ruminate much. More highlights of my 20's tomorrow...

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Kristi said...

Yup-diet and exercise are the key. It is awful and it's hard, but that's how you lose it after pregnancy, and that's how you lose it after too many doughnuts.

I wish I could find a place that had mommy and me aerobics. I'm still able to run 6 days a week, but finding the time to fit in outdoor runs (which I prefer to the treadmill in my basement) is very hard with the hubs' work and night class schedule.