Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sasha's No Good, Horrible, Very Bad (Birth) Day

Before I went to sleep, I had a crying fit of no less than 20 minutes thinking of being 30 and that I only had a few more decade birthdays left and how much closer I am now to death and R told me I was crazy and I could tell it was going to be a no good, horrible very bad (birth) day.

Samara woke me up crying, I found out R was not taking the day off to send me to a spa and there was only junk in my inbox.

I think I'll move to Hawaii.

After Samara took her morning nap, I got a bad email about work and plucked a $50 parking ticket off my car. I thought street sweeping only happened on the second and fourth Thurs, but I was wrong. And I could tell it was going to be a terrible, horrible, no good very bad (birth) day.

My neighbors are blocking the driveway with their giant van and blocking our window with a giant tent they refuse to take down, I have not taken a shower since Tuesday and it is mug-mug-muggy outside.

I am having a no good, awful, very bad (birth) day.

****Written in the style of my favorite children's book of all-time by Judith Viorst

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Editorgirl said...

OK, it's not all that bad. It's your birthday and birthdays are supposed to be fun, so smile and be happy it really is a good day!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like the perfect segue into my favorite childhood book - "Who Cried for Cherry Pie?" ;) Enjoy the rest of your day; hopefully it's gotten better!

Kristi said...

30 isn't so bad. I'm 31, and I happen to think I'm fabulous. ;)

Happy birthday!