Monday, July 9, 2007

Numbers 9 and 10--Domestic and International Travel

In my family, travel is king. When I was a little girl, my father's favorite game was to count the countries and states to which we had traveled. My wanderlust could never match his. My father has been to over one half of the world's countries and spends several months of the year out of the country. Still, R and I have done our fair share of globe trotting, both domestically and internationally.

While I was living in Florence, I traveled all over Europe, but most of my travel in my 20's has been with R. In the 6.5 years we have been together, we have been to Montreal, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Ireland, France, England, Morocco, Iceland, Denmark and Mexico. We have also visited Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Alaska, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Michigan. We have also spent countless weekends in NYC, all of New England, the Cape and the Islands and, of course, Ohio.

We have had many adventures together, from kayaking for days among otters, eagles and whales in Alaska to accidentally photographing people in front of a mosque in Morocco (a big no-no). There is no better travel partner for me than R as we both are restless and easily bored. Sitting on a beach has never been a good trip for us (we were bored on our honeymoon). Give us a city or a mountain and we will hike, run, shop, tour and walk until our feet fall off.

Some photos from our journeys together:

Surfing in La Jolla:

Craziness in Vegas:

Riding the cable cars in San Fran:

Viva La France:

Gorgeous Moroccan gardens:

Hecho en Mexico:

Roughing it Alaskan style:

And later, not so rough at our B and B:

Irish Cliffs:

Icelandic View:

Hiking the Rockies:

Encased in ice in London:

Just because we have a kid now is no excuse to slow down. In the short term, we have been stymied, but I look forward to many more travels throughout my 30's. Some of the main places I am lusting after right now include Yemen, Argentina, Turkey, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil (again), Dubai, Tunisia, Kenya, South Africa and Egypt. In the next 10 years, I plan to visit each place. And, like my parents before me, we will knock the countries off our list with our daughter at our side.


M said...

LOve reading these! Can't wait til I do mine!

Kristi said...

Ahhh, travel. How I miss you. I give your parents a lot of credit for taking you on their trips with them. I can't imagine traveling with a small baby, but once Isabella grows up, I hope to resume touring the world.