Tuesday, July 31, 2007

If It Barks Like a Dog...

Last Saturday's morning conversation:

R: Do you think Samara thinks she is Rocky's baby?

me: OH MY G-D! I had the same thought yesterday!!

R: Yeah, I think she is watching him for behavioral clues

Me: How so?

R: Well, the other day, she picked up a toy with her teeth while on her hands and knees, shook it around and growled. She is not babbling consonant sounds like other babies, instead she makes gutteral vowel noises--like Rocky. Her main thrill in life is catching a glimpse of the dog. She squeals in delight and yelps when we take her away from him. She finds him endlessly amusing and not at all frightening--even when he growls. She curls up in her bed like Rocky. And when she wants something, she shrieks until she gets it--much as Rocky barks until he gets his way.

Me: Oh shit.

R: Yeah

Me: What do we do?

R: Buy her a loincloth and a jungle rope?

1 comment:

Mackenzie said...

does this mean that if Samara comes to visit, Alexander will rule AlphaCat style over her and try to bat at her tail while she cowers on an inflatable mattress, keeping one eye open at all times?