Sunday, June 3, 2007

One Year Ago Today

It was a year ago today that we got the positive reading on the pee stick. I thought there was no possible way and almost had a heart attack when the second line came in. I ran out of the bathroom screaming (R did not even know I had taken a test). We went to the store, bought five more tests and lined them up, one by one. Each one revealed the same thing: Samara was on her way.

Now, my four month old baby is the best thing in my life. She laughs, smiles, coos, brings her hands together, grasps toys, chats and loves to be cuddled. Friday was her naming ceremony, which officially welcomed her into the Jewish community and gave her a little blessing. It was so nice to have her surrounded by so many people who love her. Afterwards, I made a dinner and then we went with Auntie K to the lake house for the rest of the weekend. It amazes me to think that a year ago she was smaller than a grain of rice. What a difference a year makes:

On her Great Nana's lap:

Our little cousin loved feeing "the baby" whipped cream:

Who would have guessed she'd have blue eyes? (and according to her pediatrician, she has never seen a baby with eyes that blue lose them)

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Stephanie said...

Look. At. Those. CHEEKS!!!!!