Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My Name is Samara

Samara's naming ceremony last Friday was far more moving than I expected. We kept it very intimate, only inviting first degree relatives and very close friends. As a result, we were all able to go up when the Rabbi called us. It was a Shabbat service, so the temple was full. The rabbi held Samara and told her that she hopes she is part of bringing peace and justice into the world, that she hopes Samara will have the passion to fight against the evil in the world and that she will use the fact that she was born into a time of turmoil as the impetus for this good work. It was a lot of pressure for little bean!

The rabbi also spoke of my mother, for whom the baby is named and now the two share the same Hebrew name: Shoshanna. She said she hopes Sam shares her grandmother's sense of fun, self-deprecating humor, creativity and intelligence.

R held the baby who was extremely well behaved and smiley despite having to sit through a 45-minute service prior to the blessing. After, I had people to the house for wine, challah, noodle kugel and a dinner.

Some photos:

Samara's grandmother (and mother and Zaydee):

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Kristi said...

Such great pictures. And may I just say that you look so much like your mother, who is stunning, btw. What a wonderful legacy for your daughter to share her Hewbrew name.