Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm Cool Like That

Some random thoughts on my mind today:

1.) My 30th birthday is just six short weeks from now. Oh. My. G-d. How is that possible? I am sure I will have plenty more to say on the subject. Stay tuned.

2.) Yesterday I took this uber-lame class called Urban Rebounding taught on mini-tramps. My heart rate barely climbed and I was subjected to the vision of myself bouncing in the mirror for 45 minutes. Just what a person who still has 8 pounds left needs to see. I was so annoyed I almost walked out mid-class.

3.) Not working in the summer is highly recommended. I spend my days at the gym, taking long walks, hanging out with friends, getting ice cream and playing with the baby (and my nights doing work). I am loving this.

4.) Samara's new grasping ability is blowing my mind. She reaches for everything now--food from the table, especially. It is just a hop, skip and a jump onto solids. Hurray!

and Samara's thoughts:

The sun is shining, Father's Day is upon us and daddy and I like to chill out, relax and rock our shades.

p.s. I got him the coolest thing for papa's day--but shhhhhh. Mums the word!


Editorgirl said...

I can't believe you'll shortly be in the 30s club with me! And I LOVE that photo of Samara and her daddy. That's great!

Mariel said...
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Mariel said...

I dont like number three just because you get to spend all day with the cutest baby in the world doesnt mean you get to rub it in while the rest of us hold down three jobs booo!

Mariel said...

and that was me with the deleted comment i spelled something wrong