Saturday, March 10, 2007


This post is a bit far afield of my usual parenting stories, but I am inspired... so, I will share another love, a bit off topic. As some of you may (or may not) know, I have an unnatural obsession with horror/disturbing movies. R and I share this passion, going so far as to buy obscure horror movies banned in the US from Canadian websites (Cannibal Holocaust anyone?). Some find it odd, but we love them--the more disturbing the better. I tend to want to see movies that move me emotionally and as a former adrenaline junky, my favorite way to be moved is to be scared or disgusted. For my 27th birthday, R bought me a DVD copy of my favorite movie-- a French flick known as Irreversible, so graphically upsetting that many in Cannes either ran from the theater or required oxygen after seeing it. Yeah. I am sick like that. But I am glad to have a partner in depravity.

To go with my obsession of all movies dark and bloody, I have a strong love for one Rob Zombie. I used to think he was my soul mate. Now that both he and I are happily married, I am content to think of him as someone who makes really fun, campy movies I love. Devil's Rejects is the best horror movie ever made and I would argue with anyone who said differently... but I digress. Now Rob Zombie is about to make a new movie--a prequel to the Halloween movies, as I understand it. Anyone who follows horror movies like R and I do knows that the Halloween movie is easily the best--and most oft-copied. So I am so anxious to see what Rob Zombie does with Mike Myers and the story and I will be first in line at the movies the day it comes out....However unlike the parents who rolled their STROLLER into House of 1,000 Corpses on opening day when R and I went to see it, we will leave Samara with a babysitter and keep our horror movies locked up until she is at least 3. Just kidding...

Here is the new take on Mike Myers:

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