Sunday, January 14, 2007

Making Room for Baby

I spent yesterday getting the baby's room ready. I washed all the teeny-tiny outfits and blankets, organized what we had and put them away. I went to Destination Maternity with my friend (B) who is also pregger. She bought maternity clothes and I bought a changing pad, diaper caddy and a little pair of Robeez. I'd like to say that these are my daughter's first shoes, but I would be lying. She already has three pairs--one of which I got for the shower that may be the cutest things I have ever seen. They are hot pink and tied with a black and white polka dotted ribbon. They will never stay on, but wow, are they cute.

I also finally settled on my diaper bag, which I am embarrassed to say has been a major dilemma. R specifically requested one that was "not too girly," which nixed the Petunia Picklebottoms I had been coveting. Then I ruled out the "Diaper Dude" line as too masculine--this is the bag I am carrying everywhere, after all! When have I ever chosen function over style? As if. Finally I have settled on this and I must say, I am quite pleased with it. Not too too girly, right? I think we will probably also buy the mini changer for R, but I am satisfied with my purchase, although knowing me and my handbag obsession, it will not be the last diaper bag I buy.

The cramps and contractions continue, but I have no idea if they are productive or not since my midwife does not check for dilation... When I saw her on Fri, she suggested that it could be early labor, but she also said it could be the baby's position (she is currently sitting with her back towards mine). She gave me some exercises to relieve that pressure and I have been doing them as much as possible. She also pointed out that I am small for my due date (my belly is about two weeks behind) and that the baby is not big--"average sized" at best. So, ok. She also AGAIN asked me if I am eating, which is starting to get a bit old. I eat ridiculous amounts of food. I have put on 41 pounds. What do they think I am doing?? It seems the margin for what is "too big" and what is "too small" is super thin. Pun intended.

On a more postive note, yesterday I found myself hugging the freshly cleaned little baby clothes close to me and tearing up at the thought of my baby inside them. It was the first hint I have had of my maternal instinct and just how deeply I can expect to fall in love with this little girl. I have never been more excited for anything in my life.

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Kristi said...

My friends bought me several pairs of Robeez, and apparently, although Ella has yet to wear them, they are considered really good shoes for kids. And the ones you bought are adorable!

Love that diaper bag too. I have a Petunia Picklebottom, and my MIL bought us another, less girly one in case hubby takes her out without me. ;)

I am so excited for you. It's like reliving my own pregnancy (which wasn't all that long ago) all over again!