Sunday, December 3, 2006


I have been in so much pain all weekend. My lower back and pelvic joints have been hurting as well as a shooting pain in my lower right belly that my midwife assures me is just continued round ligament pain. Yesterday R and I walked about five miles in an attempt to loosen up some of my joints. It did not help. But this morning I forced myself to go to my 10 a.m. yoga class in spite of every muscle in my body telling me not to go. And guess what? It was wonderful. I feel 500 times better than I did. I have taken yoga almost every weekend for about 8 weeks now and I wonder if not having it last week was part of what threw me out of whack. At any rate, feeling good and energized is a welcome change. I'll take it.

I made a delicious meal last night from my Eating Well When you are Expecting book. It was salmon cakes made with salmon, capers, carrots, red peppers,and flax seed topped with a pineapple, red pepper, mango and balsamic vinegar salsa. It was so good, not too expensive since it called for canned salmon as opposed to fresh and very healthy. We followed that up by walking to the movie theater to see The Departed. The movie was a lot of fun--great shots of Boston and a lot of great acting. I am not sure I loved it as much as everyone else seemed to, but part of that was how uncomfortable movie theater seats are for a pregger. Ouch. We stopped for ice cream on the way home and were in bed by 11. This is my kind of evening now, I guess.

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Kristi said...

Ouch. I remember the round ligament pain. So not fun. I walked every night in my last weeks, and it seemed to help, so I'm glad yoga is working for you. You're in the home stretch now!