Thursday, December 14, 2006


It is 57 degrees in Boston today. It is Dec. 14. I know I should be happy, but something about this frightens me. It is supposed to stay like this all week, too! Aren't we New Englanders? Don't we love shoveling snow, fighting over parking spaces and complaining about the cold? How can we do these things when it feels more like spring than early winter?

In other news, I am thoroughly spooked by the news about Sen. Tim Johnson. Obviously this is devastating for his family, I am sure. But it would also be devastating for all of us who heralded te victories in the Nov. election as though they were the coming of the Messiah. I cannot believe we have come this far to have it possibly taken from us. This is how I felt after Paul Wellstone died in 2002. Why does this stuff never happen to the bad guys?

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kristi said...

I know! I live in upstate NY, and it was almost 60 here yesterday. It's hard to get in the Christmas spirit when global warming is in full force.

And I am so worried about Johnson as well. I am hoping and praying he pulls through, for the same reasons you are.