Monday, November 27, 2006


Why does Rhett have to leave Scarlett at the end of Gone with the Wind? Why? It breaks my heart every time I see it.


Liz's Blog said...

It's the question we will never, ever have the answer to. However, not sure if you ever read it or not, but about 15 years ago (I think) a sequel to "Gone with the Wind" came out in print called "Scarlett." Can't remember it for the life of me, but am now thinking it's a good time to dig it out and read it again :-)

My Wombinations said...

She loved him the whole time, too. If only she had just let go of some of her pride. I tried to read Scarlett once and somehow it just did not do it for me. Damn that Margaret Mitchell. Scarlett probably spent the rest of her life kicking herself. I mean, who loses someone as sexy as Rhett?????