Saturday, November 25, 2006


It took me an abnormally long time to be able to buy anything for my daughter. I am not really sure why since I know tons of women who get the second line on the EPT and immediately head out to the toy store. For me, it needed more time to sink in and I am way too superstitious to do anything to jinx myself too early. As I am an avid shopper, this was odd behavior. But I figured it would come in time. I started slow around 25 weeks. Books seemed like a natural first buy for our daughter given R's and my love of reading. We have bought a book or two a week since then. Next I bought the pink sleep positioner. But it was not until today that I bought her first outfit. And I could not be happier with it. We stopped at Hanna Andersson on our way back from my parent's place and I bought her this to come home in:

Then we bought her a little winter jacket:

Sigh. I cannot wait to see her in these. It seems odd to shop for someone who is not even out in the world yet. 10 more weeks.

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Kristi said...

These are adorable. I didn't buy one outfit (not one) for Ella until a week before she was born and we had to pick out a going home outfit. Of course, I was hugely superstitious, having gone through IVF, and right until the end of my pregnancy, I didn't think I'd actually be bringing home a baby. How quickly things change.